Hello World, Spoonish have arrived.

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Just like spoons, we add value. Quickly, predictably and continuously. But we're a bit sharper.

Do you have a backlog that's steadily growing?

Bottlenecks that prevent you from moving quickly enough?

Not enough resources for a cloud migration?

A brilliant idea that you need some help realizing?

Maybe we can help you out?

We love getting things done quickly; but most importantly - we can help you get a quick return on investments.

Not a spoon

Why compromise?

Spoonish will always give you more value. We're faster; more pragmatic, and drive innovation. We work with established teams, proven best practices, and state of the art technology.

Feeling some healthy scepticism?

Great! We have plenty of data, and love to show it.

Spaghetti and Fork


Spike, stabilize, repeat.

Spoonish are not code artists. We are fast, gritty and predictable. We get things done.

We apply proven patterns for effective software delivery, and metrics to verify the outcome.


Keep it featherweight

Distributed applications do better in a cloud native context. We apply modern, lightweight architecture patterns - to speed up integration, improve stability and decrease maintenance.

Cloud native
Modern Agile logotype


Empty buzzwords do not add value. Do it right.

True agile requires understanding. We can help you adapt best practices to your unique context.

Like it should be done.


There are only two ways to do DevOps - Right or Wrong.

We know them both, but we have our preference. We can help you maximize the effects and avoid the pitfalls.

Why not begin with our assessment?

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Modern Agile logotype


Steer clear of thunder & rain.

We can guide you through the plethora of cloud providers and offerings. With the right knowledge and toolset, we can quickly get you started.

Bild på Robin Morero

Robin Morero

Always try to simplify. The alternative is to manage complexity, which is notoriously costly.

Robin on Simplicity
Bild på Mattias Lind

Mattias Lind

Everything starts and ends with speed. It enables rapid delivery, iteration, and is a catalyst for innovation.

Mattias on Speed
Bild på Jonas Ledel

Jonas Ledel

Understanding the problem is key to adding value. Communication and metrics can help you here.